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Over 40 years of Playing, Collecting, Trading, Instrument repairs.
I built my first Electric guitar in 1964 when my parents wouldn't buy me one.

In 1970 I began repairing musical instruments and worked at a number of Music Instrument companies in Southern California including Randall, Fender, and Dobro (OMI) when Ed and John Dopera were there. I built Custom Guitars for a number of years and collected. Owned and ran my own recording studio.Produced bands.
I began building Custom Drums and doing Restoration on Vintage drums in 1985 with my business RockCityDrums and am well known to thousands of drummers.

I still build custom drums and do restoration for friends, as well as do guitar modifications, but I've gotten more into playing and writing lately. The SoCal shop was closed in 1999 but I still use the RockCityDrums.com name and RkCityMusic is growing.

Tons of Misc. Vintage Drum and Guitar parts. Hardware, shells, lugs, hoops, pickups, tuners. Also some orphan drums, kits and guitars from my personal collection. I'm clearing out the storage of thousands of parts. These will all be available thru my store....RkCityMusic.

If you're into restoration or just trying to replace a few parts there is a good chance I have what you are looking for as well as experience, knowledge and a commitment to great customer service.

A little over 20 years ago I aquired the entire parts department from a guitar store in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles, California. Many of the vintage parts I am selling are from this store. They are all from the 70s, 60s, 50s....or earlier. The store closed its doors in 1983 and all the parts have been in storage since then, there is no question of the age. Many are NOS... New Old Stock items purchased from the manufacturers. Many are Rare items that were taken off Vintage guitars at the shop. They kept every knob and screw. I have them all. It has taken years of research to identify these items and now they are being offered to you in my online store.

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Email me at.. JohnNelson@RkCityMusic.com if you have any questions about items you are looking for.

Keep playing. Keep looking for that musical instrument that talks to you. John Nelson Rkcitymuse

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